Here are some frequently asked questions.

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Q1: Are there any risks by signing up? A: No. There are no risks in signing up. The only details you have to provide is your account ID (+ optionally an email address). All account IDs are public and can be found regardless. We will also not be sending you any emails, if you decide to include it.

Q2: Can I remove my ID from the list if I don’t want the staking triggers anymore? A: Yes. If you want us to remove your ID from our list, please send a microtransaction to 0.0.2102541 with 0.0001 or less hbar. You can use the memo function or notify us on in order to make things more clear.

Q3: How can I get in contact with HashStake?

A: You can DM us on Twitter/X (@HashStake) or email us at (

Q4: Does it cost me anything if I sign up?

A: Yes, due to a recent attack from (presumably) spam accounts, (happened on 21-12-2023) we must have some verification in order to protect others. Signing up can be done by sending 1 hbar to 0.0.2102541. This will prove ownership and thus will eliminate the chance of spam/abuse. In the future, if we are serving thousands of users, we might introduce a higher fee depending on the amount of donations we get in order to keep running. More information is displayed at our User cap section in the homepage. Donations can be sent to our distribution ID: 0.0.2031315

Q5: Why should I trigger my rewards on a daily basis?

A: Even though it might not be much, claiming your daily rewards will increase the hbar amount you will be getting each day — meaning you’re maximizing your staking output. Not everyone has the time to do this, so that’s why we created this bot. Or you just want to forget about claiming the rewards, and let us claim it for you.

Q6: How much hbar will I receive?

A: We will be sending 0.0001 each day to trigger your rewards. This amount might change in the future. The transaction will also contain the memo Automatic Staking Trigger, and will come from our ID 0.0.2031315.

Q7: Why do I see multiple accounts in the transaction?

A: Efficiency. Each transaction will contain 8 IDs in total. By doing this, we greatly reduce the costs and also improves the script.

Q8: Do you profit from this?

A: Because of the recent change on how signing up works, HashStake is currently getting 1 hbar from each sign up. Everything we collect goes to our distribution ID so it can help pay for transactions. Since transactions are extremely low cost, we won’t need much in order to operate. However, the ideal situation would be if our staking rewards would pay for all the transactions we make that day. (currently not the case). If you want to help us achieve that, you can donate to this account: 0.0.2031315

Q9: Can I use HashStake if my ID is also bound to a memo?

A: No. If you need a memo when you’re sending transactions, then this usually means you’re on an exchange. Most if not all exchanges do not support Hedera’s native staking system. 

Q10: Something else triggered my staking reward. How does that work?

A: Staking rewards get triggered whenever something happens in your account, this can be a transaction, a smart contract call, NFTs etc. Scammers exploit this by doing exactly what we are doing. Except they send it to as many people as possible without their consent, and use the memo function to advertise their fake website. They will ask you for your 24 word phrase or private key etc. Never go to these websites. Hashstake will never ask for your private information!

Q11: Are we affiliated with Hedera?

A: No. We are not affiliated with Hedera, the hbar foundation or anyone else.

Q12: Can I still receive awards if Hedera is down or has issues?

A: It all depends on what node you are staking to. You can check Hedera’s uptime and see if the nodes are online here: If the node you are staking to is offline, then you will not receive rewards.

Q13: Why doesn’t Hedera do this?

A: To our understanding: If Hedera were to do this, it would cost a fortune to submit transactions to all the users that are staking. This would also clog up the network extremely if hundreds of thousands of people got their staking award. (assuming these rewards would be distributed around the same time)

Q14: I did not sign up for your service, how can I sign out?

A: Mistakes can happen, DM us on 𝕏 @hashstake or email us at and send a microtransaction of 0.0001 (or less) hbar to account ID 0.0.2102541 to prove you own the account.  

You can read terms and conditions here