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No risks, no lockup, daily rewards and max 2.5% APY! for more info click the button below

How do I stake?

You can start staking with Bladewallet, Hashpack, Citadel, MyHbarWallet, Wallawallet, Yamgo, OKX and Ledger.


How do i secure my hbar? Hashpack, Citadel, Wallawallet and Blade all offer great security. For the best possible security use a cold wallet.


Just to be clear, we do not offer staking services. We help trigger the staking rewards by sending transactions and nothing else.

What is HashStake?

HashStake is currently a non-profit organization that provides the Hedera community for free! Staking rewards have to be triggered manually, this can be done by sending transactions, smart contracts, NFTs etc. HashStake will be doing this for you. But why should i trigger the rewards each day? Even though it might not be much, claiming your rewards daily will be more beneficial in the long run. This is because the claimed hbar adds up to the already staking hbars and thus increasing the hbar output. Check our uptime and creation date here

If you’re interested in signing up for our service, click the button below

How it works

We will be sending 0.0001 hbar to each account. Each transaction will contain 8 different IDs. By doing this we greatly reduce the costs and improves our script. We also include a memo called “Automatic Staking Trigger” and will always come from ID 0.0.2031315. See the example below.

The user phases


0-1000 users

The first 1000 signups will FREE (currently 1 hbar to prevent spam since 21-12-2023).

If you want to support us however, you can donate to 0.0.2102541 or our distribution ID

Click the button to see how many users there currently are


1001-2500 users

At this point, sending transactions will be costing a lot. If enough donations are made to cover the cost, then signing up during this period will be free of charge as well. More information will be given when we reach phase two.

So what happens when we do not get enough donations to cover the cost? We will be implementing a one time buy-in fee of $0.20 (~ 2.5 hbar currently) More information will follow when we reach phase two.


2501-5000 users

During phase three, the costs of sending daily transaction will be ~ 1.75 – 3.5 Hbar each day. If enough donations are made to cover these costs, then signing up during this period will be free of charge. Obviously, making donations will never be a requirement and will always be an option.

Like in phase two, a buy-in fee will appear if donations cant cover the costs. In phase three, the buy-in fee will be $0.50 (~ 5.5 hbar currently) More information will follow.

The 5K user cap

When we reach 5K users, we will be looking to improve the efficiency of our script. (improvements might be made regardless). We have done stress tests on the testnet, but not yet at these huge numbers. So it is possible we might face some challenges serving so many users. That’s also one reason decided it’s capped a 5k. There are already plans made to fix these potential issues if they do occur. However, if we find no issues and everything works smoothly then we will remove this cap immediately. We also plan to switch from non-profit – to a profitable organization. Already signed up users will not have to worry about this at all.

More information will follow when the time comes.

Thank you for using HashStake and we hope you enjoy our service.

To check our uptime click here

Supported by


HASHTREE was the first sponser of HashStake, supplying us with HBAR to send enough transactions.

HashStake is triggering HASHTREE NFT holders


CornyCohbs has donated 500 hbar to support us and pay for transactions.

HashStake is triggering around ~ 85 wallets for Golden Corn NFT holders.


BigTinyBrand is supporting HashStake to stay compliant and secure with upcoming regulations.

HashStake is triggering SIGMA KEY NFT holders

Our anonymous donors

A huge thank you to the people that have donated to HashStake. These donations will support the creator and pay for transactions.

A total of 767 HBAR has been donated / collected from sign ups

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